Explorium have collaborated with Arnotts department store Dublin to bring the temporary exhibit ‘Just an Illusion? to their 3rd floor exhibit space this summer. Arriving on the 1st July for two months, it will be housed in the Arnotts Gallery Space on the second level and features complimentary attractions and exhibits for customers of all ages.

The ‘Just an Illusion?’ partnership is a truly unique experience designed to inspire customers to challenge their minds and feed their curiosity with a range of exhibits. Just an Illusion gives a flavour for the huge range of exhibits available to see at Explorium. From testing what it feels like in Virtual Reality to creating their very own light show and discovering how laser passes through objects. Customers will also get the opportunity to create their very own human electric circuit using just their friends and can take a walk through the illusion rooms. Head of Science - Mark Langtry, will bring a number of live science demonstrations to the exhibit which will be held at designated times at weekends throughout the summer months.