The Sport Party:  test your skills in either of our action-packed Climbing areas. Take a leap of faith or jump through skyscrapers. For ages 7+.

Please note that some of our Sport activities have height restrictions, to ensure we maintain the highest safety standards for our guests. Price €24 per person, (€22 off-peak), and lasts 1 hour 45 mins , including meal. Please note the minimum party size is 12 guests.

What our packages include:

-A minimum of 12 guests with 2 adults free (1 free per every 6 guests)
-Quoted package price per each additional guest
-Supplemental charge for additional supervisory adults
-1 hour climbing session in either Conquer Your Fears (max 20) or Urban Climb (max 30).
-Dedicated party host and party area
-Special gift for birthday child.
-45 minutes for delicious food from our LookOut Café or Kono Café.
-Bring your own cake and candles - we provide the fun!

Booking your party:

-We ask that you provide us with a guest list including first and last names of all attending guests and adults a minimum of 5 days prior to your party
-Please ensure all of your guests have been informed of and signed a waiver prior to arriving.
-Please advise on any food allergies or health restrictions of guests that we should be aware of.
-When booking a party at Explorium, a minimum of two weeks notice is required in advance of the party date. Due to scheduling and availability we cannot accommodate last minute bookings. All bookings are completed on a first come, first served basis.
-Please ensure to read our party terms and conditions prior to booking.

Please note:
Due to capacity limitations/timing we cannot offer offer VR, Sport Simulators, or Caving for any of our parties.

There are limited capacities, in addition to height and age restrictions for all of our sports activities to ensure the utmost health, safety, and enjoyment for our guests. Participants must wear closed toe sport-type shoes, and should not wear baggy or loose fitting clothing such as cargo pants/shorts or skirts.

Complete form below to check availability. Please be aware of height & age restrictions for our Climbing areas.

Preferred choice of sport:
Urban Climb (max 30)Conquer Your Fears (max 20)

Food Order:
Breaded Chicken Pieces with ChipsMargherita Pizzas for SharingMedium pizza Kone, Capri Sun & scoop of vanilla ice-cream