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A hands-on adventure for everyone, school tours at Explorium are a STEM learning experience with a 'wow' factor. Open up the minds of your students as they laugh and learn at the same time. At Explorium, science and sports meet across 300 interactive exhibits and activities. We cherish creating memories that children will remember and putting on a great school tour is one of our absolute favourites. Let’s inspire our future scientists, sports elite and innovators.



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are involved in every aspect of our lives today. Global projections forecast an ever increasing growth in STEM disciplines, so there is a vital need to train this generation of students to be ready for these roles. Here at Explorium we want to introduce you and your students to the transformational domain of STEM learning by inviting you to step into our life-altering world of science and sport. Learning in a fun and interactive way has been shown to enhance retention, improve understanding and encourage further investigation. Exhibits at Explorium are purposely designed by our scientists to stimulate, educate and engage young curious minds.


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