Crawl, twist, squeeze and scramble your way through over 100+ metres of sports caving fun.

Our caves are one of a kind in the world and so realistic! Inside you will find a network of tunnels that get you climbing, sliding and wriggling your way over and under. Our caving experience is an opportunity to build your confidence and practice decision making - Choose the left, middle or right tunnel?

Chase your friends or find fossils in the walls. Enjoy a safe introduction to the exciting sport of caving inside the world’s largest man-made caving structure. Experience what it’s like for the world’s bravest explorers, with a safe exit only a few metres away! 

All ages from 8+

How it Works

  • Book a session online or on the phone. It is strongly recommended to book in advance, especially for weekends and school holidays.
  • Every session runs for an hour including the 15-minute safety briefing before you start.
  • Once you're briefed and kitted up - time to follow the instructor and away you go.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and flat, closed-toe shoes otherwise you may not be able to enter the caves.

Safety Requirements 

In the interest of your health and safety visitors must have maximum Height: 195cm; Chest: 110cm; Shoulders: 150cm; Waist: 107cm and must be able to fit personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Health and other restrictions to participation 

Caving is not recommended for persons that suffer from: severe heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia, nyctophobia, asthma or other respiratory conditions, pregnant women, intoxication or persons with pre-existing injury, medical or other conditions

Those with any physical, medical or other condition should assess their own ability to participate safely.