Learning by Doing

Creativity, art & science collide the makers lab . Makering. SFI. STEM. Curiosity. Explore. Discvover. Scribble Bot. Junior Explorium. Explorium.

The Maker's Lab is where we play with science and engineering to make innovative projects developed to inspire makers of tomorrow and of today to learn and have fun.

At their core, Maker Lab activities embrace scientific principles of experimentation. We are all about wondering what would happen if... and then trying it.

While you are at Explorium drop by the Maker Lab and try your hand at making something. You will be surprised by  how much you learn.

Add Tinkering to your birthday . Way more interesting than a party bag, children will bring home a fun creation that they made themselves! We have lots of options to meet your child's interest. Please ask our party coordinator for details.

Or why not book one or all of our Maker's Series where we put together slightly more complicated projects. Learn about electric circuits & Piezo buzzers by making a wire game, or electric circuits, motors, gears, torque and force transference with our electric car project. Or motors, switches,centrifugal force and motion with our paint spinner project. Every class is different and every week you take home something really great.

How it Works

  • Book your session of hands-on experiences at the Maker's Lab.
  • Our specially trained staff will teach kids and adults to make one of a series of cool educational science and maker projects.
  • Open to children and adults.

Call us today on +353 01 9602000 or Email Us for more information.