Meet the Team

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We are proud of our exceptional team of natural scientists working with our senses exhibit; Brona, Anna and Ruth. They have been working hard gathering information to extend your knowledge of everything to do with the world of senses!

Brona is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, who has a degree in Zoology and a masters in science education making her an expert at sharing her knowledge of the animal kingdom with every visitor at Explorium. Brona is passionate about what makes people connect with nature, and will love to hear about your experiences in the senses room.

Anna has recently graduated as a zoologist from University College Dublin and has a passion for wildlife and all things natural. Over the last few years she has traveled to Central and South America, developing her field skills as a researcher as well as conducting her own research too. In addition to being a zoologist, she is a climber so you can also find her down at our sport areas where she can answer any more questions you have about wildlife and biology.

Ruth studied Zoology, Environmental Science and Horticulture, obtaining a degree in Agricultural Science at University College Dublin. She did her final year research on ‘Bumblebees in Ireland’ and after graduating took part in an agriculture research exchange with the University of Idaho, USA